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Financial Analyst

Redding, California


Department: Finance

Position Title:  Financial Analyst 

Supervisor: Manager of Environmental Commodities

Compensation: Hourly, starting range $23 - $35; Commensurate to Skills and Experience

Hours: Full-time: Monday -Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm


  • Two weeks of paid vacation. 

  • Eight paid holidays. 

  • ICHRA Health Insurance Reimbursement. 

  • Other benefits accrue over the first 3-24 months of employment, including additional paid vacation, no-cost primary medical care membership or cash equivalent, 401k, 401k matching, and quarterly profit sharing. 

Place of Work: 

Corporate Headquarters, 1730 South Street, Redding, CA 96001

Position Description: 

MEW is seeking a Financial Analyst to join our Environmental Commodities department. The Analyst will be responsible for building and maintaining a database of all operational data related to MEW’s portfolio of dairy biogas projects. Such operational data will include herd inventory, biogas production flow rate, biogas methane concentration, pipeline injection, power production, engine efficiency, heat rate, influent/effluent temperature, etc. 

In addition to existing sites, the Analyst will be responsible for onboarding data collection at newly commissioned sites and incorporating the new data flow into the existing MEW process and database. Furthermore, the Analyst will be responsible for analyzing the data recorded to identify errors and troubleshoot accordingly. The Analyst will manage all MEW biogas production forecasting models which are critical for budgeting and cash flow projections. The Analyst will also work directly with the Environmental Commodities Manager to analyze and maintain data with respect to the broader renewable energy markets and regulatory programs including but not limited to the California Low Carbon Fuels Standard (LCFS); EPA Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), and Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP). 


  • Import data from weekly data logs, then analyze the operating data to identify potential issues with meters or general plant operations.

  • Troubleshoot any data issues and coordinate with Operations or Electric Innovations (sister company) to implement a fix.

  • Update individual site summary statements monthly.

  • Compile pertinent monthly data necessary to generate environmental credits including RINs, LCFS Credits, RECs, CCOs etc.

  • Deliver monthly data reports to third party entities (off-takers) as applicable for environmental credit generation.

  • Compile LCFS pathway applications, including GREET model inputs.

  • Compile LCFS Annual Fuel Pathway reports and facilitate annual LCFS verification review processes.

  • Maintain monthly facility specific gas production forecasts.

  • Compile and maintain a database of LCFS market data related to renewable natural gas (“RNG”) including registered facilities, total natural gas vehicle fuel demand, RNG saturation rate, and dairy gas saturation rate.

  • Compile and maintain a database of RFS market data related to all D-Code generation and transaction activity including RVO targets, RIN generation, RIN retirement, small refinery exemptions, etc.

  • Compile and maintain a database of all environmental commodity pricing including D3 RINs, D4 RINs, D5 RINs, D6 RINs, LCFS, CFP, RECs, CCOs etc.

  • Address ad hoc requests that come in from the CEO or any other MEW Director.

Qualifications & Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Computer Programming, or similar field.

  • 2-4 Years of related data management experience and/or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel and VBA experience are preferred but not required.

  • Knowledge of Python or other computer programming languages is preferred but not required.

  • Some travel is required.

Please email your résumé and references to Maas Energy Works at

Maas Energy Works is the leading developer and operator of on-farm, waste-to-energy systems in the United States. The Company designs, develops, constructs, and operates biogas renewable energy generation systems, primarily on dairy farms. Our projects include anaerobic digesters, biogas-powered electric generation, renewable natural gas upgrading.

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