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LRT/LCFS Specialist

Redding, California /Remote


Department: Environmental Commodities

Position Title:  LRT/LCFS Specialist  

Supervisor: Environmental Commodities Manager

Hours: Full-time: Monday -Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm


  • Two weeks of paid vacation. 

  • Eight paid holidays. 

  • ICHRA Health Insurance Reimbursement. 

  • Other benefits accrue over the first 3-24 months of employment, including additional paid vacation, no-cost primary medical care membership or cash equivalent, 401k, 401k matching, and quarterly profit sharing. 

Place of Work: 

Corporate Headquarters, 1730 South Street, Redding, CA 96001

Position Description: 

MEW is seeking an Environmental Commodities Manager (“EC Manager”) to join and lead our Environmental Commodities (“EC”) department. The EC Manager will serve in managing a portfolio of agricultural renewable energy projects participating in various environmental commodity markets such as the Federal Renewable Fuels Standard (“RFS”), California Low Carbon Fuels Standard (“LCFS”), Oregon Clean Fuels Program (“CFP”), California Cap and Trade Offset Protocols, etc. 

The EC Manager will be responsible for overseeing and managing environmental credit operations of a growing portfolio of dairy-to-biogas projects. Specifically, the EC Manager will be responsible for managing a team tasked with handling all aspects of the project-specific environmental credit lifecycle process including, pathway registration with regulatory agencies, credit generation/monetization, environmental credit reporting/compliance, carbon intensity modeling for current and prospective projects, market analysis, offtake/relationship management, and environmental policy advocacy.  Furthermore, the EC Manager will be responsible for contributing to the strategic development of business opportunities in new markets outside the typical Biomethane-to CNG space. 


  • Oversee all carbon intensity modeling using the CA-GREET Simplified Calculators and coordinate with Staff in analyzing site-specific operating data. 

  • Coordinate with MEW departments to maintain detailed development and operational processes built around LCFS compliance including strict recordkeeping requirements.

  • Oversee compilation of RFS registration packages and manage all Staff including third-party contractors conducting site visits, engineering reviews, desktop audits, etc.

  • Compile monthly, quarterly, and annual RFS and LCFS credits generation supporting documentation for delivery to offtake partners, third-party auditors, and regulatory agencies.

  • Facilitate and execute RIN and LCFS credit generation as applicable.

  • Build and maintain site-specific RNG production and dispensing forecasting models necessary for credit inventory management and cash flow reporting.

  • Coordinate with the Finance Department on forecasting project revenue and recording actual revenue generation.

  • Manage physical RIN and LCFS credit inventory through the EPA Moderated Transaction System (“EMTS”) and LCFS Reporting Tool (“LRT”) respectively including initiating transfers to buyers.

  • Produce monthly KPI reporting for senior management detailing RNG production, credit generation, and RNG/Credit inventory position.

  • Manage system to calculate the carbon intensity score of all operating projects in real time to ensure compliance with the project’s certified CI score.

  • Manage a database of CNG offtake contracts and implement a schedule of deliverables pursuant to each individual contract.

  • Work with the Development team to optimize the design of future agriculture digester projects pursuant to LCFS requirements and optimal carbon intensity modeling.

  • Coordinate with Construction Management on project timelines and implement RFS and LCFS registration schedules accordingly.

  • Coordinate Sales and Project Development Teams with constructing project proformas and updating project budget models.

  • Maintain a database of LCFS market data related to renewable natural gas (“RNG”) including registered facilities, total natural gas vehicle fuel demand, RNG saturation rate, and dairy gas saturation rate.

  • Compile and maintain a database of RFS market data related to all D-Code generation and transaction activity including RVO targets, RIN generation, RIN retirement, small refinery exemptions, etc.

  • Conduct extensive environmental credit market research and maintain a database of all environmental commodity pricing.

  • Track environmental laws, regulations, and pertinent updates to existing laws or regulations that affect MEW business.

Qualifications & Skills

  • Experience in the renewable fuels industry and familiarity with various renewable energy and or GHG reduction policy and regulation is strongly preferred. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, or similar field.

  •  Experience in financial analysis or data analysis 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel and VBA experience preferred.

  • Some travel may be required. 

Please email your résumé and references to Maas Energy Works at

Maas Energy Works (MEW) is the leading developer and operator of on-farm, waste-to-energy systems on the west coast. MEW designs, develops, constructs, and operates biogas-powered renewable energy generation systems on dairy farms. Our projects include anaerobic digesters, biogas-powered electric generation, and renewable compressed natural gas upgrading.

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