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Operations Field Mechanic

Galt, California


Department: Operations

Position Title: Operations Field Mechanic

Supervisor: Director of Operations

Compensation: Hourly, $18 - $22; Commensurate to Skills and Experience

Hours: Full-time: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm


  • Two weeks of paid vacation. 

  • Eight paid holidays. 

  • Other benefits accrue over the first 3-24 months, including additional paid vacation, no-cost primary medical care membership, 401k, 401k matching, and quarterly profit sharing. 

Place of Work: 

This position will be at dairy facilities located in the Galt, CA area. The company will either pay for work mileage on a personal vehicle (for custom situations) or will supply a company work vehicle (more common).

Corporate Headquarters, 1730 South Street, Redding, CA 96001

Position Description: 

MEW is seeking a new Operations Field Mechanic to support and maintain the ongoing operations of dairy digester projects in the area of Sacramento County. As a developer in a growing niche industry, Maas Energy is looking for an applicant that is highly self-motivated with an ability to quickly learn extensive industry specific skills and methods. Applicants must understand mechanical equipment and effectively work independently or with remote support to troubleshoot issues within industrial systems on multiple sites as they arise.

Our operations team is split into office staff and field staff (this position) that work on the job sites. Field staff’s close coordination with company office staff ensures high quality outcomes for operations and good relationships with partners. and accountability. The role of the field staff is to conduct routine maintenance of systems, repairing or replacing equipment as necessary, and troubleshooting issues as they arise. Equipment to be serviced includes large internal combustion engines, biogas pipelines, 3-phase motors, electric manure pumps, electrical wiring, PLCs, and industrial flares.


  • Travel to various facilities for routine and preventative maintenance ensuring that all equipment and systems are operating as designed while maximizing facility up-time

  • Troubleshoot issues on-site or remotely as they arise

  • Maintain spare parts inventory as needed

  • Communicate via email, text, and phone with team members, clients, and business partners as necessary

Qualifications & Skills:

  • General mechanical and electrical experience preferred but not required (2+ years)

  • Be able to demonstrate analytical thinking with an ability to diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical and electrical issues timely

  • Ability to work in the field unsupervised

  • Must be proficient in English.  Proficiency in Spanish is helpful but not required

  • Must possess valid US driver’s license

Please email your résumé and references to Maas Energy Works at

Maas Energy Works (MEW) is the leading developer and operator of on-farm, waste-to-energy systems in the United States. The Company designs, develops, constructs, and operates biogas-powered renewable energy generation systems on dairy farms. Our projects include anaerobic digesters, biogas-powered electric generation, and renewable compressed natural gas upgrading.

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