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Maas Energy Works Crew of Managers & Technicians


Maas Energy Works Staff

Daryl Maas

Chief Executive Officer

After finishing up a career in the US Air Force in 2007, Daryl Maas returned to his hometown in a dairy community in northwest Washington. He discovered many of his friends in dairy families were interested in deploying digester technology to capture energy from animal waste. He developed and commissioned his first biogas facility in 2009. Since then, Maas Energy Works has grown to be the leading developer, owner and operator of dairy digesters in North America, with over 40 completed projects serving over 50 dairies. Maas Energy Works builds digesters at no cost to the dairy while sharing profits. Or, the company can act as project manager for families that prefer to finance and own their digesters themselves. Now active in over a dozen states, Maas Energy Works employs over 80 full time dairy digester professionals whose job is to create “Renewable Energy That Works.”

Maas Energy Works Staff

Christianna Maas

Chief of Staff

As our Chief of Staff, Christianna assists the CEO & CPO to support the executives and directors in their roles. She leads in our appreciation of staff, and assists with leading the strategic planning across the organization.

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