Maas Energy Works Crew of Managers & Technicians


Maas Energy Works Staff

Daryl Maas

Chief Executive Officer

After finishing up a career in the US Air Force in 2007, Daryl Maas returned to his hometown in a dairy community in northwest Washington. He discovered many of his friends in dairy families were interested in deploying digester technology to capture energy from animal waste. He developed and commissioned his first biogas facility in 2009. Since then, Maas Energy Works has grown to be the leading developer, owner and operator of dairy digesters in North America, with over 40 completed projects serving over 50 dairies. Maas Energy Works builds digesters at no cost to the dairy while sharing profits. Or, the company can act as project manager for families that prefer to finance and own their digesters themselves. Now active in over a dozen states, Maas Energy Works employs over 80 full time dairy digester professionals whose job is to create “Renewable Energy That Works.”

Maas Energy Works Staff

Stephen Hatley

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen has been taking care of the company finances since 2010 when the California branch began. He has over 15 years experience in financial administration and office management. He is involved with grant writing, tax exemptions, systems development, and other detailed oriented tasks. He also enjoys volleyball, board games, and long conversations.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Jordan Leichty

Director of Operations

Growing up on a family farm in Iowa, Jordan has always known the benefits farmers offer America. As Director of Operations, Jordan ensures that all of the digesters, gensets and various equipment entrusted to his department stay up and running at peak performance. He is also our lead Carbon Credits manager and go-to for all emissions offsets questions. Replacement parts, cows numbers, and carbon credits are all in a day's work for him. He consistently interacts directly with manufacturers, dealers, and utilities around the country - executing all the necessary parts of operating anaerobic methane digesters spread throughout our growing market.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Geovany Osorio

Director of Maas Motor Works

Hailing from Ecuador with a Masters in Business Admin and five years of experience as the General Manger of a manufacturing plant , "Geo" directs the Maas Motor Works branch of MEW. He manages the Genset building process from start to finish. This entails coordination with technicians, purchasing/spec'ing equipment, ensuring that packaging is moving forward on schedule, and that shipping is timely. He and his team have stepped up to the plate in an industry where specialty experience and attention to detail are vital and have churned out excellent end products.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Nathan Nisly

Director of Development

Nathan comes to the California renewable energy market by way of Kansas. Fascinated by energy, machines, and industrial automation, he thrives at overseeing and executing the development phase of our projects. Electrical interconnection, project design, and permitting are a few of the worlds that he is immersed in. Nathan is also an expert on coffee, millennials, and the metric system.

Maas Energy Works Staff

David Sparling

Director of Construction Management

David serves as our Director of Construction Management and has been invaluable to our company. With previous experience from management roles in past jobs, he has settled in nicely as the head of all construction. He now manages and oversees procurement and construction for all active projects. He takes over responsibility for our projects starting at the initial contract bid stage all the way through the transition to ongoing operations. If he was not at work, his ideal day would be traveling up a mountain with his family, mountain biking the whole way down, and sipping on some craft beer at dinner.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Hudson Davis

National Sales Manager

Hudson joined Maas in 2016 as the Interconnection Project Manager. In this role he works with local utilities and government agencies to interconnect each project to the natural gas network or the electrical grid via state run programs and utilities processes. He also creates AutoCAD designs and coordinates on-site construction. He values his family, friends and hobbies - such as woodworking and gardening. He also enjoys reading philosophy, history, and economics, but most of all sipping a latte with a friend at a hipster coffee shop.

Maas Energy Works Staff

John Nichols

Senior Technician

John was born and raised in northern California working on cattle ranches. He has over 30 years’ experience as a field service technician working on an array of diesel equipment, electrical controls, and other auxiliary equipment. He has become invaluable to the team, servicing existing generators in the field and packaging new ones in our Maas Motor Works shop.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Byron Oja

Development - Design Engineer

Byron joined MEW after 3 years assisting in the mechanical design and construction of a particle accelerator at Michigan State University, his alma mater. The growth and skills acquired in that three years set him up well to serve MEW as our Design Engineer. He oversees and manages all of our various engineers ensuring quality control when it comes to our basis of design and project scope. He and his wife share a mutual love of their golden-doodle, Zion, the great outdoors, and are the resident experts on all organic, Non-GMO food choices in the office.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Jacob Krohn

Field Construction Manager

Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Jacob has a valuable perspective that allows him to relate to and connect with our contractors and dairy producers. As a former Sergeant and Squad Leader in the U.S. Marine Corps, with residential construction experience and a management focused degree in business; Jake brings knowledge, skill and leadership to his role as Field Construction Manager. As our “boots on the ground”, Jacob ensures communication, problem solving and quality control are all taking place as he oversees construction. Jake’s dog, Scout often accompanies him to his site visits as well as his outdoor adventures on his off days. Jacob says Scout is, “…a strong proponent of Renewable Dairy Fuels for a green tomorrow.”

Maas Energy Works Staff

Eileen Martinho

Communications - Producer Relations

Eileen is a local point of contact in the Central Valley, representing Maas Energy Works in on-site meetings and events. Having her available to our clients helps ensure that their needs are heard and that we can provide more satisfying services to milk producers in our great state. Eileen comes to us from Congressman David Valadao's office where she served as his Fresno/Kings County field representative. She is a board member on the Kings Fair Foundation, a committee member for Kings County Dairywomen, a committee member for Kings County Dairy Princess Program and assists in FFA programs. Eileen was raised on a dairy farm in Lemoore, California and now resides In Tulare with her husband, Jon. She also harbors a desire to prefect the baking of a French Macaroon and is getting very close!

Maas Energy Works Staff

Thomas Hayes

Operations - Operations Technician

Thomas came to us from New Zealand. He had a long and distinguished background in the New Zealand Air Force in a variety of roles and we saw an amazing opportunity in bringing him onto the team. He now assists our Operations Department with remote support and environmental reporting for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. When he isn’t responding to text alerts from our sites he especially enjoys watching a good rugby match.

Maas Energy Works Staff

Taryn Zoe

Finance - Office Manager

Taryn Zoe is a Personnel Manager at Maas Energy Works

Maas Energy Works Staff

Christianna Maas

Human Resources

Every office needs some human resources attention. HR has been there since Maas Energy Works was a desk in a wing of the bedroom, then a full bedroom, then a full basement, and now a new office by Redding Airport. We'd all be sadder and less self-aware without her. HR cares about you!