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Development, Financing, and Operations

What We Do

Design and Projections

We prepare capital budgets, site plans and operational projections to help dairy operators scope a Producer-Owned digester; or we can finance and own the project ourselves at no cost to the dairy. We have the best digester team in the country to procure grants, energy contracts, and carbon credit funding.

Project Development

The Maas Energy Works team has developed the majority of all West Coast digesters built in the past decade. Grid interconnection, regulatory permits, computer aided design, financial management, and construction oversight, we do it all. In house, on time, done right.


Just like dairy cows, methane digesters require attention. Our team supports our digesters 24x7, with remote operations, on call support, parts, utility scheduling, and repairs. Managing a dairy is already a massive undertaking. All operations of the digester are handled by our team so you aren't left trying to master another industry.

Digesters Online

Digester Projects

Digesters in Development
View our current and future methane Digester projects

Producer-Owned or Developer-Owned.

Your Choice.

If you want to own a digester, Maas Energy Works will handle the entire process, start to finish. All design, financial projections, grant financing, grid interconnection, regulatory permits, procurement, and construction management are included.

When the project is online, we will operate the site for you with 24/7 monitoring and operations support. 


Our digester projects average 94% up-time.


If you prefer not to own the digester, we can develop, build, and operate the facility at no cost to you, paying you a guaranteed annual rate per cow.

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Why Digesters?

Additional Income Stream
Reduce Your Footprint
Re-Shape the Dairy Industry
  • Sell electricity to the grid

  • Reduce milk price dependence

  • Offset electricity costs

  • Sell carbon credits

  • Local job creation

  • Reduce odor from manure

  • Contribute to a healthier environment

  • Reduce greenhouse gases

  • Increase nutrient efficiency

  • One cow on your dairy = one car taken off the road

  • Stay ahead of regulations

  • Put yourself years ahead of regulatory requirements

  • Set yourself up for future advancements in the industry



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