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California’s 1st Operational Dairy Digester Pipeline Cluster

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of California’s premier newsletter on Dairy Digesters. Dairy biogas has earned a lot of attention in the last few years as a large industry has grown up to deliver more biogas projects, and if you’re a dairy producer, you’ve probably been approached with many proposals. So we’ve started this publication to provide information; not only about projects our team is building, but to include updates on the whole digester industry, government policies, and other events that impact California dairy biogas. We hope you find our publications both informative and engaging.

Daryl Maas, CEO of Maas Energy Works


Recently, Calgren Renewable Fuels hosted over 200 people in Tulare County, California to celebrate the state’s first operational dairy digester pipeline cluster. While one other dairy biogas pipeline project exists in Fair Oaks Indiana, the Calgren Dairy Fuels (CDF) facility is the first of its kind in California. Having received grants to build another 12 covered lagoon digesters that will supply biogas to this central hub located at the Calgren ethanol refinery, it is the largest project in the nation to inject biomethane into a utility pipeline. That said, the pipeline has been built for significant expansion.

Covered Lagoon digester at Legacy Ranch, will be 3rd complete digester in the CDF Pipeline Cluster.

Each dairy in the cluster will supply their manure to an on-site digester operated by CDF. The biogas from these digesters will be transported to the CDF plant through a low pressure, private pipeline. So far, the project has laid over ten miles of mainline pipe. The project will provide dairy biogas for the ethanol refinery power plant and inject bio-methane into the SoCalGas utility pipeline for use as CNG vehicle fuel. Biogas is already being delivered from 4J Farms (Junio family) and Circle A Dairy (Airoso family) while several more dairies are expected to go online in the coming months.

As far as is publicly known, no digester pipeline clusters have yet started construction other than Calgren Dairy Fuels. However, Maas Energy Works,developer for Calgren Dairy Fuels, is working on five additional clusters and has received various grants to build them. California Bioenergy, an early, strong proponent of digester clusters has also received grants for approximately six more clusters in development.

Photo from the Ribbon Cutting of some of the stakeholders who have made this project possible.


Thanks for your interest in California dairy digesters. Maas Energy Works is the largest developer in the state, building digesters that are 100% farmer-owned, developer owned, or any combination in between.

Please contact us if you have any questions about work underway or future plans to create energy within California's proud dairy farming community.

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