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Calgren Dairy Fuels continues to grow!

Legacy Ranch - 3rd Digester to come online in the Calgren Dairy Fuels Pipeline Cluster

Mid-Year Update on Calgren Dairy Fuels Cluster:

In the first half of 2019, Calgren Dairy Fuels began generating biogas at three more digesters, increasing the cluster’s operational count to five. Circle A Dairy, Robert Van der Eyk & Sons Dairy, Legacy Ranch, Cornerstone Dairy, and 4J Farms are all producing biogas. The cluster has been making pipeline deliveries to a central gas cleanup hub for nearly a year now. This methane-rich fuel is being used by Calgren Dairy Fuels to create low-carbon ethanol and is also being injected into the SoCalGas pipeline for use as compressed natural gas vehicle fuel (R-CNG). The Calgren cluster has seven more digesters in active construction and all are expected to be online before year’s end—bringing the cluster total to 12. Calgren has so far laid 15 miles of pipeline in the ground.

The Calgren Dairy Fuels cluster was also featured on a PBS special titled, Earth Focus. You can watch the full video here.

Cornerstone Dairy - Fourth dairy to come online in the Calgren dairy Fuels Pipeline Cluster

At present, Calgren Dairy Fuels remains the only active dairy digester pipeline cluster in the state. The project’s developer Maas Energy Works plans to begin construction on at least one additional California cluster later in 2019.

Robert Van Der Eyk & Sons Dairy - Second dairy to come online in the Calgren Dairy Fuels Pipeline Cluster

Another digester developer, California Bioenergy, recently announced the start of construction on new digesters in Kern County. The company currently operates five electrical generation digesters and plans a large pipeline injection cluster. A related announcement publicized that Chevron has invested in up to 18 California Bioenergy projects.

This industry is really heating up!

Additional dairy biogas pipeline injection projects are known to be in various stages of development in Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, and possibly other states. Nearly all intend to deliver pipeline renewable natural gas to the California vehicle fuels market. Two out of state projects (one dairy, one swine) are already delivering to the California market. We will keep you updated through this newsletter as more projects come online.


Thanks for your interest in California dairy digesters. Maas Energy Works is the largest developer in the state, building digesters that are 100% farmer-owned, developer owned, or any combination in between.

Please contact us if you have any questions about work underway or future plans to create energy within California's proud dairy farming community.

For more information about our company, be sure to contact us | 530.710.8545 |

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