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Who is Maas Energy Works?

Since our first project in 2009, we’ve built a total of 60 successful dairy digesters,
How? We own and operate many of these projects ourselves and know what works and what doesn’t. We specialize in economical, reliable facilities that are designed to operate in real-world dairy conditions and maintain 24x7 operations support capability to keep our sites up and running. With the best team in the industry, and over 100 full-time employees and contractors in digester operations and development, we build dairy digesters that work.

Manure is a resource. For years, dairy farmers have been collecting cow manure, storing it, and using it as a renewable fertilizer. A manure digester unlocks even more value by extracting energy from manure. A digester is a tank or pond that contains manure but captures the methane gas emissions that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere. Naturally-occurring bacteria in manure break down the organic matter and create biogas. The biogas primarily consists of methane, an energy-rich fuel. The biogas fuels electrical generators that supply power to the grid, or supply onsite needs.

About Maas Energy Works

Fastest-growing digester developer on the West Coast

Founded 2010 by Daryl Maas

HQ in Redding, California

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