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How Do Digesters Work?

How A Digester Works Infographic
Anaerobic Digestion Infographic

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process, similar to composting, producing bio-energy, natural fertilizer and solid byproducts.


Anaerobic digestion is like composting but in an oxygen-free container. It's a biological process in which naturally occurring microorganisms break down organic waste and produce gas—mostly methane along with some carbon dioxide. After some treatment, the gas can be burned just like natural gas to generate electricity.


On the farm, raw manure is treated inside a heated, oxygen- free container that essentially continues the digestion that began in the cow's stomach. This process can result in several beneficial outputs:

  • biogas​

  • a fertilizer that is more environmentally friendly than raw manure

  • clean solids that are commonly used as bedding for cows or as a potting soil supplement

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